Gold Quality


Growing and harvesting the sun of South of Europe...

Panzani creates its sauce recipes with sun-ripened tomatoes from the field. Our partner farmers carefully select the varieties and harvest them when they are completely ripe, between July and September. Panzani chooses to work with ripe tomatoes from the open fields to give its sauces all the fragrant taste of ripe, sun-drenched tomatoes!

Proper Sorting

After harvesting, the tomatoes are washed and sorted. Only those meeting the Panzani Quality requirements are kept : removing tomatoes that are still too under-ripe and the ones that are over-ripe.


Creating the recipes

When they enter the kitchens, the tomatoes are peeled. They are then cut up to become pulp or crushed to become purée. All our process is thought to protect the quality and the great taste of our mediterranean tomatoes.

Great variety

The different recipes are created: onions, carrots, other vegetables and possibly meat are fried. The tomatoes and the other ingredients (salt, aromatic herbs, etc.) are then added to this mixture for the cooking stage.


From us to you

The sauces undergo heat treatment to ensure they are preserved properly and are then packaged. Lastly, our sauces are cooled so they can fit the shelves of your favorite stores!

Thanks to the unique quality of Panzani’s pasta and sauces, I can let out my culinary creativity, and feel free in the kitchen.

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